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Frequent Questions

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No and embalming is not required. However, embalming is necessary for certain arrangements such as traditional viewing and funeral service. Direct cremation and immediate burial may not require embalming.

Usually a staff member of the hospital, nursing home or hospice nurse will contact the funeral home. The funeral director will then start the process of making the funeral arrangements with the family.

Any vital statistics, social security number, birth certificate, insurance papers, veteran's information and cemetery deed are all helpful. Any personal clothing you wish to use.

If the death occurs locally, we usually can have death certificates for you by the time funeral services are completed. If death occurs out of town usually it takes a week to ten days.

A death benefit of $255.00 is paid directly to a surviving spouse or dependent child. No death benefit is paid for a person that is single at the time of death. The funeral home files a Statement of Death Form SSA-721 to the Social Security Administration on each person at the time of death. The local phone number for social Security is 931-381-5832 or 1-800-772-1213 for general information.

No. All of the hardwood caskets are not waterproof. A vault is an outside container that is waterproof by an air seal or top seal. A concrete box or metal grave liner are other outside containers that are not waterproof.

Yes. Cremation is an alternative to ground burial and, therefore, the same services may be conducted. Memorial services may be held with or without the cremains present.

Yes. The charge will appear under the cash advances section of the statement. Cash advance charges are for services, such as clergy honorarium, hairdresser, date cutting on monument and certified death certificates that are included in the statement of goods and services as a convenience to the family.

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